A company offering medical assistance to foreigners who find themselves far from home needing fast, high-quality service. We offer varied solutions to travelers visiting all of Latin America.

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Our Values

Home Health Care

We understand that foreign visitors may see the hospital as the last place that they would like to visit during their vacations because doing so would mean that their health is not well and would also interrupt their relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Medical and paramedic staff trained in managing medical emergencies.
  • Fluency in several foreign languages.
  • Permanent medical services, 24 hours, 365 days a year.

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Hospital Medical Care

Hospital medical care is provided by medical specialists in both specialty centers and hospitals.

Our primary care physicians assess the need for specialized assistance case by case before referring the patient to a hospital.

We have a large network of doctors, clinics, and hospitals located throughout Latin America.

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Ambulance Transportation

Ground and air

We have ground and air transportation specially equipped to transport patients, ensuring the best medical and/or paramedic team to accompany the patient.

We provide all types of health transportation within or outside the country where the patient is located.

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When faced with a difficult moment such as the loss of a loved one, we take care of all the procedures for the repatriation of the remains to their country of origin.

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Dental Services

You do not have to lose your smile during your vacations: we have a team of dentists prepared to recover, maintain, and care for your oral health. We serve your needs with the best results in functionality and aesthetics.

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Non-Medical Travel Companionship

Minors and/or elderly adults

When a minor and/or an elderly adult must face a solo trip, family members may be faced with many doubts and uncertainties.

We solve any doubts by offering both domestic and international Non-Medical Travel Companionship services for minors and/or elderly adults.

We look after your well-being and ensure that the trip is pleasant and enjoyable for the traveler.

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Added Value Services

Aside from offering excellent medical assistance, we do everything possible to ensure that the traveler recuperates soon.

For this reason we provide other value-added services:

  • Supplying medicines.
  • Contacting primary care physicians.

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